Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Burden of Contemporary Christian Art: An Article on the Relevance of Christian Art in Modern and Postmodern Times.

I found a very insightful and poignant article in "The Chuck Colson Center for Christian World View" titled,  "Contemporary Christian Art, Renewing Christian Engagement with the Arts", written by T.M. Moore.

I encourage you to click on the preceding link which takes you directly to the article.  The article points out the significance of Christian art in the postmodern times that we live in today.  It is a must read for serious Christian artists wishing to merge into the secular art world; giving us important insight to pertinent challenges, as well as, providing a sense of hope for infiltrating the secular art world, which until recently has been most hostile to the faith based perspective (still is not welcoming, however).

Additionally, there are references to and ideologies of important names in Christian theology, culture, and art.  Among them are:

Scholar, professor, and author:  H.R. Rookmaaker, who earned his Doctorate in Art History shortly after accepting the teachings of Christ, concurrent with the times of early Calvinism.  H.R Rookmaaker wrote, as his thesis, Modern Art and the Death of a Culture, 1970.

Christian Theologian:  Francis Schaeffer
Christian Philosopher: J.P.A. Meekes
and other poets. playwrights, and authors

I found it to be an important source of information and resource to further propel us to our calling in a secular world, not just within the realms of our church walls and the comfort of our studios.  We have a serious calling.  Primarily, our call is for the Kingdom of God, within that call we are to be like Paul who understood our surrounding culture so that we could influence it and show it the truth as we know it to be, through the Word of God.

"The following night, the Lord stood near Paul and said, 'Take courage.  As you have testified about me in Jerusalem, so you must testify in Rome".  Acts 23:11

Our world is Rome and we will testify in it, in a way they will see and understand, but speaking God's truth through the universal language of art.

Be Blessed!  Be Inspired!

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BARBER said...

You were right... it's a good read.

I do feel that God will use my Art to speak to the world.

"In view of this, contemporary Christian artists believe their art must have a sacramental component to it – not that art becomes a sacrament; rather, it serves as a powerful affective and intellectual medium through which God may reveal Himself."

good stuff