Wednesday, August 21, 2013

New Works....

"Thoughts and Stripes"  acrylic and oil on canvas
24" X 36"

"Ebb and Flow"  acrylic and oil on canvas
30" X 30"

It took all of last year of exploration and experimentation to get to these, my latest paintings. There were moments of frustration and confusion, but also of revelation, and clarity.  I hit milestones that I built upon with the satisfaction that they held integrity and were leading me further.  It was a solid year of trial and error, vulnerability, and truly waiting upon the Lord for a breakthrough. Looking back, it was a good year. While it was happening, not so much!  I didn't like leaving the studio having painted over previous paintings, yet again.

A major breakthrough occurred one night in my studio as I was at a peak point of frustration.  It was that frustration that broke through the "carefulness" that was stifling my work. Ironically, my preoccupations of the work being strong prevented it from being impacting or dynamic.  I couldn't capture the subtleties of emotion and thought that I yearned to.   I was over thinking and over analyzing.  Once I let go, in a fit of... 'I've had it', the work became stronger.  I didn't look at those pieces for a couple of days after that breakthrough.... still unconvinced.  When I did, though, I was relieved.    

I am content with where I am now- for the time being (shouldn't it always be like that- there is always a place to grow into.)  It has been extremely liberating to be more free with my process, something that I used to relish while painting in college.  It was more difficult than I imagined to paint with the freedom that I am currently experiencing in the studio.  Working in a vacuum, with limited studio time and a new domestic and maternal setting led to work that I was desperately trying to free, but couldn't.  I was repeatedly stuck trying to throw caution to the wind.

It has been challenging, as my growing type A personality (in every day life -just to get things done) can stunt my flow of creativity, but I made some important breakthroughs and am thrilled with that!  I am more excited to continue to break through new barriers. 

Be Blessed!  Be Inspired!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

"Study of the Language of Color and Texture"
8" X 16"
Mixed Media on Canvas
 This is my most recent piece.  It is titled, "Study of the Language of Color and Texture".  It sold and found a new home! 

I worked on a smaller scale to focus more closely on texture and color.  This piece is 8"X 16".  It is an inspiration towards a new body of work, which I am currently pursuing and am very excited about! 

Smaller canvases will come together to be exhibited as a whole, comprising of various rectangular canvases. Each canvas will also work as individual pieces. Photos and more information will be forthcoming.

Be Blessed!  Be Inspired!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

My Paintings to be Displayed

at Romero-Hidalgo Studio

 Bird Road Art District

November 17, 2012
7-10 pm

"Bubble Gum World"
24" X 30" X 1.5"
Acrylic and Oil on Canvas

I will be exhibiting two of my paintings at Romero-Hidalgo Studio, 4241 SW 75 Ave, at the Bird Road Art District.  Every third Saturday of the month, artists throughout the art district open up their studios for the public. 

The open receptions are fun and vibrant, allowing guests to see artists' working studios, talk with the artists and see some great art!  Most studios welcome you with enticing treats and appetizers, as well as refreshments. You can walk throughout the majority of the studios, which are lined up along 74th and 75 avenue, just off of Bird Road, actually between Bird Road and 48th street. 

A quick complimentary shuttle ride will take you around to visit studios that are slightly further away. If you have a map of the studios and choose to take your car, you'll find yourself there in a few short minutes.  There is free parking available anywhere in the art district.

Please click on the following link for additional information on how to get there,  a map with the names of the studios and studio addresses, and other useful or interesting tid-bits:

If you can make it out, you will have a wonderful time!

Be Blessed!  Be Inspired!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Looking at Culture and Faith from Other Angles.

In order to be effective Christian artists, we must learn about various philosophies, religions, and even denominations within Christianity.  All perspectives on culture and faith and how they relate to thoughts, actions, and lifestyles are pertinent pieces to the puzzle we are creating. 

In this entree, I am recommending a look at one Atheist opinion on the matter of faith and culture.

The recommendation......  A facebook friend posted a book review for Alain de Bottom's, 'Religion for Atheists' written by David Brooks in the New York Times recently.  I think it poses key thoughts on the connection between culture and faith through the eyes of an Atheist philosopher, as well as, the author of the review.  Alain de Bottom writes about the gap between Art and the human condition.  He says that art has the potential to affect the soul, impart wisdom, and fill a void. As the writer and freelance philosopher Alain de Botton argues in “Religion for Atheists,” cultural and intellectual institutions are no longer about the salvation of souls: He states that is has been effective in the past, but not in today's political or cultural scene.

"De Botton looks around and sees a secular society denuded of high spiritual aspiration and practical moral guidance. Centuries ago, religions gave people advice on how to live with others, how to tolerate other people’s faults, how to assuage anger, endure pain and deal with the petty corruptions of a commercial world. These days, he argues, teachers, artists and philosophers no longer even try to offer such practical wisdom.
'We are fatefully in love with ambiguity, uncritical of the Modernist doctrine that great art should have no moral content or desire to change its audience,' he writes.
Museums were once temples for the contemplation of the profound. Today, he says, they offer pallid cultural smorgasbords: 'While exposing us to objects of genuine importance, they nevertheless seem incapable of adequately linking these to the needs of our souls.”

In order to create palatable art that encourages meaningful dialogues and connections and imparts truth, we must first understand sources of hunger by the masses.  I found that Alain de Bottoms thoughts on art, education, politics, and other social matters to be interesting, but lacking.... of course. The solution lacks the cohesive 'glue' that binds all things. It is a call of hunger for soul satisfying existence.  Boy, could we contribute to that!

We know the solution to the issues de Bottom describes is a relationship with our Creator, and not religion.   Through prayer, discernment, grace, and our acquisition of knowledge and wisdom, we will deliver this Truth through our media.
Here is the full article: 

A little more about Alain de Botton:
His website:

Friday, January 6, 2012

My participation in Christian singer, Carlos Carcache's Music Video, Tu Reinas (You Reign)

Tu Reinas - Carlos Carcache from Vertical Link on Vimeo.

First and foremost, Happy New Year to you all!  My prayers that you have a year that opens doors, enriches dreams, and brings health, provision, guidance, and blessings!  I think I've been the busiest I've ever been due to a brief adjustment to my husband's work schedule, but I managed to squeeze some things in.  Still waiting on God's perfect time to dive right in.  In the meantime, I wet my toes from time to time.

I was honored with the opportunity to work alongside Carlos Cacache, a good friend, pastor and emerging Christian artist on his very first music video. Carlos' first CD came out last year.  In August, 2011 he created his first music video to accompany his song, Tu Reinas (You Reign).

He asked if I would like to partake in the project by creating illustrations to accompany the lyrics and draw during the filming of the video.  I was thrilled at the invitation and gladly accepted! 

Carlos Carcache and his wife Lynda (background singer with Brunette hair and black outfit)  have such a deep love for God!  Their ministry is beautiful and pure! Carlos is an annointed servant of God who preaches and is a lead singer in our church's worship team.  It was a true blessing to work with them!  I am exciting for the new journey that he and his family are embarking on and pray for God to continue guiding them and opening the doors!

I hope you enjoy the song and the video.  It was a wonderful experience and I enjoyed every moment of it! 
I'm the one drawing.... hahaha  -

You can find out more about Carlos Carcache, Christian singer, at

Be blessed!  Be Inspired!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Friday, July 22, 2011

Valuable Resource for Thriving as an Artist: Nerissa Street Shares Business Basics for Artists.

Important questions to ask yourself as a Christian artist:

1.  What good is your art if the people that are intended to see it,
don't? It is good that some know about it and experience it, but isn't
it great when more people know and experience your new
approach to God's love and messages?   

2.  How can you devote time to creating art, if you have to find
another means of making money?  Also, wouldn't more money in
your hands mean more money back into the Kingdom? 

Let's address these two very important topics:

First Topic:  Christian art is a means of worship, primarily, but it must be seen too! It is imperative to share with others the messages of our Creator that lies in our art (it is why we have the talents that we have been given by Him in the first place). Our tasks as Christians include evangelizing, providing light, provide hope, in short- highlighting the Lord and sharing how He can change people's lives for the better.  We have been given the gift to share the gospel in a new way that is relevant to a contemporary culture.  The value of Christian art, today, would be it's ability ooze out into popular culture. It is all feasible. I see the vision, but am stumped by the means by which to get started or to keep it growing.  What do we read?  What conferences or classes do we attend?  Where do we invest? 

Second topic:  If your calling is to be a Christian artist, there are ways that you can live off of it comfortably- heck maybe even make a small fortune, or dare you dream- a big one?  God wants you to be prosperous!!
In short, we need to learn about business. We need to learn how to make our "product" known.   Typically, we artists are not very good at that (we just want to be in the studio), but it doesn't mean we can't be. 

Here is a promising resource I recently found out about: 

A friend told me about "Beyond the Lucky Break".  Nerissa Street has earned a degree in both Theatre and business.  Throughout her life, she has run across many artists who had no idea how to move forward with their art and make a thriving livelihood from it.  She knew how she could best help artists, through her art and business background and has put together several valuable resources for artists.  

The website: elaborates on these resources.  Look into all aspects of the site to see how the information therein can be an asset to you.  I did and I was very inspired and excited by it.

I have enclosed a short clip of a conference she held so that you can see for yourself if this is a person that you would like to help you to reach your goal of being a successful and prosperous artist. 

Be Blessed!  Be Inspired!