Friday, January 6, 2012

My participation in Christian singer, Carlos Carcache's Music Video, Tu Reinas (You Reign)

Tu Reinas - Carlos Carcache from Vertical Link on Vimeo.

First and foremost, Happy New Year to you all!  My prayers that you have a year that opens doors, enriches dreams, and brings health, provision, guidance, and blessings!  I think I've been the busiest I've ever been due to a brief adjustment to my husband's work schedule, but I managed to squeeze some things in.  Still waiting on God's perfect time to dive right in.  In the meantime, I wet my toes from time to time.

I was honored with the opportunity to work alongside Carlos Cacache, a good friend, pastor and emerging Christian artist on his very first music video. Carlos' first CD came out last year.  In August, 2011 he created his first music video to accompany his song, Tu Reinas (You Reign).

He asked if I would like to partake in the project by creating illustrations to accompany the lyrics and draw during the filming of the video.  I was thrilled at the invitation and gladly accepted! 

Carlos Carcache and his wife Lynda (background singer with Brunette hair and black outfit)  have such a deep love for God!  Their ministry is beautiful and pure! Carlos is an annointed servant of God who preaches and is a lead singer in our church's worship team.  It was a true blessing to work with them!  I am exciting for the new journey that he and his family are embarking on and pray for God to continue guiding them and opening the doors!

I hope you enjoy the song and the video.  It was a wonderful experience and I enjoyed every moment of it! 
I'm the one drawing.... hahaha  -

You can find out more about Carlos Carcache, Christian singer, at

Be blessed!  Be Inspired!

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Anonymous said...

Nice article!!! Like I said, you are a living hallmark card! Thank you for being part of this project. It was an honor to have you. Your art is amazing! It gave life and meaning to our video. We pray for God to bless you and your family with His grace, favor and creativity. Thank you again.....

Carlos & Lynda Carcache.