Saturday, November 6, 2010

Live Worship Painting for 2010 Women's Conference

I can finally sit down to share the wonderful events that took place in the Edifica 2010 Women's Conference in Miami, FL.  Things have been so wonderful since!  God has taken care of putting things in our lives in order so that we can dedicate our time to Him and rest on Him also- very important!  So after a wonderful vacation, (trip inspired paintings are forthcoming!) I want to share the women's retreat weekend!  On Friday October 22, 2010,  I painted live through the initial worship, preachings of our home pastors, and concluding worship.  It was, all in all, perhaps two hours worth of time painting live before the congregation.  I truly felt the presence of God throughout the night.  I am posting the photos in the order that they occurred:

Here is one photo of the exhibit in the lobby.  I created a board that provided my artist statement and information about the series:  Finding a Niche

Our pastors, worship band, their families, and me praying before beginning the service...

The Lord's blank slate...

The Christian band, "Contagious" was amazing and the presence of God was tangible.

Lead singer  (on the projection) and guitarist for Contagious...

Here is the progression of the painting during our Pastor's wife's preaching.

Almost finalized...

Amalfi Blanco, a tremendous woman of God and Christian singer (far left), concluded with several songs to wrap up our time with God.

This weekend was the first formal showcasing of my work as a Christian Artist.  The website, blog, logo, and business cards all came together to materialize the beginning of a vision God has placed in my heart for several years now. God has graciously given me talents and a passion to execute pieces of art to glorify Him, and bring the messages of His word to a visual format, through my interpretation.  I am overwhelmed and filled in a way that only God can accomplish. 

This marks the beginning of a very special journey for me.  I felt extremely loved and supported in this endeavor. I am so exuberant for God's inspirations and ideas, and the actualisation of those inspirations and ideas.  Our God is magnificent!  He puts passion in our hearts for His plan for our lives and then is faithful to assist along the way.  Words can barely describe how blessed I feel to have embarked on this new walk with God along this extremely fulfilling new path.

Humbly and with an endeared heart I pray that you be blessed and be inspired!
God Bless you!

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